Macy's - Home and clothing

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Macy's is a mid range to upscale retail department store, that is usually attached to malls. Stores include different departments offering specific products. Typically, the stores consist of beauty, home, apparel and accessories, and jewelry departments. Customers can wander through stores freely and look at products that they can wear, to products that will be used to decorate their homes. In the beauty department, customers can find perfume, makeup, lotions for women, and an assortment of cologne and creams for men. The home department is one of the most successful departments in Macy's. Inside the home department, customers can find mattresses, bedding, and furniture. Men, women, and children can find all the latest clothing trends and styles from brand names inside the apparel and accessories department. In the Macy's jewelry department, customers can find products ranging from daily jewelry and watches to wedding rings.

Macy's - History and expansion

Macy's was founded in 1858 in New York City, New York by Rowland Macy. The company was originally founded to provide service and products to mill workers. The business grew by providing customers made-to-measure clothing and using seasonal promotions, like Santa Claus. The company started expanding along the East Coast in the 1920s through acquisitions of other companies. In the 1940s, Macy's started expanding west by mergers with other stores and acquiring more companies. The company continued to grow and in the 1990s, brought their upscale store, Bloomingdale's, to the growing market on the West Coast. Today the Macy's company has over 800 department stores in 45 states, Guam and Puerto Rico. There are over 171,000 employees and in 2011, Macy's reported net sales at $26.4 billion.

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