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Guitar Center

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the largest musical instrument and equipment retail chain in the world. The store carries a large variety of both electric and acoustic instruments, as well as all the various types of sound and production equipment. The company is well known and is a "one stop shop" for musicians. Customers can find guitars, bass, and pianos, just to name a select few items offered at Guitar Center. Students, or classical enthusiasts, can search through a wide selection of brass and other orchestral instruments. Specialized instruments and equipment are also available, for example DJ equipment and theremins. A wide range of sound products and lighting are available for recording or to give the musician the sound and entertainment power for their show. Producers can also utilize the store and buy recording software. Stores carry the most recognizable brand names and offer used instruments and equipment at a cheaper price.

Guitar Center - From organs to guitars

Guitar Center was founded in 1959 in Hollywood, California by Wayne Mitchell. The original store name was The Organ Center, because Mitchell bought an organ store on a corner in Hollywood. In 1964, Mitchell was going to close down The Organ Center and change locations, when Joe Banaran asked if he could use the store as an outlet to sell Vox guitars. The opportunity was seized and Guitar Center was born. Today, the company has over 220 locations in over 40 states and has an annual revenue of over one billion dollars.

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