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Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports

As one of the largest outdoor retailers in the US, Eastern Mountain Sports certainly has something for the adventure seeker, no matter your brand of outdoor sport or hobby. Headquartered in Petersborough, NH but with roots in Wellesley, MA, Eastern Mountain Sports offers a wide range of outdoor apparel, footwear, gear and accessories, from carabiners and harnesses for the climbers, to wetsuits and kayaks for the paddlers. Whether an amateur or a professional, campers and hikers can enjoy a great selection of tents, sleeping bags and clothing from brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Vaude, Columbia, as well as its own EMS brand. The company’s dedication to the outdoors extends beyond its retail stores: it also operates schools which offer classes in climbing and kayaking among many other sports, as well as trips, guides for hire and outdoors skills clinics.

Eastern Mountain Sports - Founded by rock climbers, loved by adventure seekers

It all started when fishing buddies and rock climbing enthusiasts Alan McDonough and Roger Furst couldn’t find the gear they needed for their hikes along the Colorado Rockies. Tired of dark five-mile walks back to their cars and the general bulkiness of their equipment, they acted upon this potential in the outdoor gear market, left their careers as a hotel manager and lawyer respectively, and in 1957 opened their very first store across the country - in Boston, MA - where demand was even higher given the lack of mountaineering stores. The move and the concept proved to be very successful, as their landmark store blossomed to be the largest of its kind in New England, beloved by backpackers and outdoors lovers of the region. Six decades later, the Eastern Mountain Sports philosophy still endures, now operating around 70 stores in twelve East Coast states, from Maine to Virginia.

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