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CVS pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States. The company carries a mix of household goods, health and beauty products, and medicine consisting of both over the counter and prescription products. Customers can find household goods, from cleaning supplies and snacks, to beverages and office supplies, inside store locations. You can find a selection of alcohol at CVS stores in some states, as well as tobacco. Stores also contain an assortment of beauty products, for example, make-up and hygiene products such as toothpaste and shampoo. Vitamins and supplements are also available, along with dietary or performance protein supplements. A wide selection of over the counter drugs is available for common colds and allergies in stores. A fully operational pharmacy is at every location with a professional pharmacist always behind the counter ready to fill doctor's prescriptions. Customers can also find photo finishing services at locations.

CVS - Customer Value Store history

CVS was founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts by two brothers, Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, and their partner Ralph Hoagland. They named the store CVS, or customer value store. One year after opening , the company had grown to 17 stores. In 1967, the company started to operate its stores with pharmacies inside. By 1970, CVS had over 100 stores in New England and along the East Coast. Throughout the 1970-90s the company became very successful and started expanding and moving out west, through acquistions of regional players. In 1997, CVS acquired 2,500 stores from REVCO, the largest acquisition in the US pharmacy industry. Since then, the company continued to grow through acquistions. Today, CVS has over 7,000 stores nationwide and reported a net revenue of 107.1 billion dollars in 2011. View the latest weekly ad to find all current sales and coupons available for your nearest CVS store.

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