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There's a different shoe for every situation. If you're looking for fashion, function or sport there is a shoe out there to accommodate your needs. Feet are our primary mode of transportation and have more bones there than in any other single part of the human body. For this reason, it is important to protect your feet the best you can, which was the original intention of shoes. First made from wood, canvas and/or leather, shoes have come a long way in comfort and variety. If you are looking for something a bit more fashionable for a night out, there are significantly more options for women than there are for women. The high heel is a shoe meant to dress up any outfit but is strictly used for fashion with no real function. Boots are much more practical in snow, rain or just chilly temperatures. Finally, while it may appear that a sports shoe is just a sport shoe there is in fact a different shoe for just about every sport. The running shoe is is great because it will allow the foot to roll from heal to toe but can be a bit too bulky for something like rock climbing. Basketball shoes offer more grip on the sole and extra ankle support for those quick sprints. Regardless of the activity it is best to protect your feet. For the best prices and deals in your area take a look at the Retale app or website to get the shoe that is perfect for you.