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Rain Boots

Need to go outside but don't want to get your feet wet? Wear a pair of rain boots! Also known as rubber boots, they're specifically designed for walking in the rain and mud. You can even jump in puddles and your feet will still be dry. Products are normally made from rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They can be knee-length or shorter and come in all different colors and patterns, though the most common is black. The rain boot was invented when the Duke of Wellington instructed his shoemaker to modify the Hessian boot to be more comfortable to wear in the evening, but also suitable and durable for battle. This footwear is made specifically for cold and wet weather. They are lined with warm insulating material, so people can wade in and out of cold, shallow water. Rubber boots are also commonly warn among construction workers who pour concrete, and workers on shrimp boats. A steel capped version of the footwear is also popular for workers in abattoirs and factories, as the toe camp protects the foot from injuries. Not only are they practical, they are becoming increasingly fashionable. Check out Retale.com to find the latest deals on rain boots so you can find yourself the perfect pair!