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A beloved drink across the United States, milk is not only satisfying but has a lot of nutritional benefits for babies and adults alike. It is a diary product that comes from cows, although you can also find goat and sheep's milk available in stores. It is a dairy product, which is white, that is produced in female animals to feed their young as a primary source of nutrition. By drinking the product, you receive many different vital nutrients to keep the body strong, healthy, and energetic. It includes proteins, calcium, and vitamins D and E, just to name a few. Before consumer consumption milk is pasteurized, which is the process of killing bacteria by heating it for a short time and then immediately cooling it. Consumers can find of range of different products on the shelf in stores ranging from fat free to whole milk, to even organic products. The dairy product is also used in baking, where it is added to produce a more creamy and moist result when baking cookies and cakes. You can find it is grocery, drug, and discount stores across America. Most stores have their own brand, but popular brands do exist like Alta Dena, Organic Valley, and Knudsen.