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Meat is eaten every day in the United States. It is an important food in everyday life because it is packed with healthy proteins and acids, plus it is delicious. There are many different kinds of meat available to shoppers in grocery stores. The main varieties are beef, poultry, pork, and seafood. Beef comes from cattle and is the most well known. Popular beef products include burgers and different kinds of steaks. Poultry comes from different kinds of birds and is a white meat, with less fat and higher protein compared to beef. The main birds that consumers eat are chicken, duck, and turkey, although there is a wider variety of choices to choose from. Pork comes from pigs and is sweeter than other types of meat. A lot of different prepared products come from pork, such as bacon, ham, and sausages. Seafood comes from various sea animals like fish and shellfish. Seafood is very high in protein and contains other types of health benefits, for example heart benefits, because it has almost no fat and contains a lot of minerals. Butchers or the meat department in grocery stores can also carry other meats like lamb, deer, and seasonal fish. Meat is usually eaten cooked and with various side dishes like vegetables, rice, and potatoes. Cooking can be done several ways; smoking, grilling and roasting are all different preparation methods. Barbecuing is the most popular choice of cooking meat. To find the latest deals on these products, browse through current weekly ads at www.retale.com.