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Laptop Types, Brands, and Purposes

Many laptop brands cover a variety of uses and settings. Some gaming laptop brands include HP, Asus, and Alienware due to their high processing power, RAM size, and graphics capabilities. Gaming laptops like this are higher-end and usually come with a higher price compared to Laptops and notebooks useful for photo & video editing and graphic & art design. Design laptops are known for their display, long battery life, and functionality. Laptops brands more popular for design, editing, and art include Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Laptops like the Microsoft Surface and Lenovo Thinkpad convert to tablet format for portability and other benefits.

Some of the above mentioned brands are also known for their versatility, as brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Acer are popular for their use in business settings and for those who frequently travel between locations. These types of laptops are designed to be used for many purposes and are built for multiple business functions. Business laptops are known to have tough casing and long battery life, as well as other functional benefits. Price ranges for laptops vary depending on the benefits with season deals and holiday sales influencing cheaper prices for laptops.