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Want to keep warm or look stylish? Grab a jacket! It is an upper body garment that is usually hip or waist length made for both men and women. They are designed for colder weather, meaning that they keep the person wearing it warm. These garments have long sleeves and fasten in the front, sometimes a little off center, with either a zipper or buttons. While coats are considered more heavy-wieght, containing more insulating materials, jackets are generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and more fashionable. Some serve as protective clothing, which protects the body from harm, for example motorcycle jackets. There are a lot of different types of this clothing article. The most fashionable and well known styles include blazers, leather jackets, and jean jackets. Blazers are similiar to a suite jacket, but have become more fashionable over the years. They are fastened with bottons in the front, or on the side. Leather products give the person a more vintage look . Colors include brown and black, although some are dyed different colors. Don't get this fabric wet; water stains the material. Look for a waterproof tag if you plan to wear it more often. Jean jackets also provide a more vintage look and come in light or dark denim. The main brand that sells these kinds of jackets is Levi's. They have button band cuffs and are a little shorter than most jackets. Large brand names make a variety of different jackets for both men and woman. Brands generally make in style products out of a polyester/cotton mix to make it fit better. Customers can buy this clothing garment at almost any clothing retailer, including Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory.