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Not only is fruit delicious but it is an essential part of your daily diet. It is a vital source of vitamins and fiber, therefore giving you the energy you need to lead a full and healthy life. Since fruits are so good for you, it is recommended by most health professionals that you consume, along with vegetables, at least five a day. When people commonly refer to general fruits, some of the first items that come to mind are the normal sweet and or sour assortment of: apples, bananas, oranges, etc. There are some fruits that less commonly come to mind and are still considered to be within the fruit family. These include: beans, tomatoes and wheat grains. While there are many different ideas of what people think classifies a fruit, one of the clearest and up to date definitions is that a fruit is the flowering part of a plant that contains seeds and comes from a specific area of the plant. Fruits are often thought to be more of a snack and breakfast choice, though there are many ways to sneak them into every meal, especially knowing how many more fruit options are available to you. No matter what fruit you're looking for, your favorite will undoubtedly be available at your local supermarket, along with a wide variety of different options to create a delightful meal. If you would like to find out which location is most convenient for you and currently has the best deals, then feel free to check out www.Retales.com for all of your healthy choice needs.