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Dog Bed

Nothing is better that knowing your puppy or full grown best friend is sleeping comfortably on a nice soft dog bed. These products come in all shapes and sizes with either a heavy lining to keep dogs warm during winter or a thinner one to keep them cool during the summer heat. There are many products that even their human companion would be happy to sleep on. Dog beds come in indoor and outdoor versions to keep them comfy no matter where they are. Indoor products are most popular and give pets a cozy and spacious resting place, whether it be a thick pillow or thin pad. Fillings usually include foam, memory foam, cotton, or synthetic fillings. Certain models even come with electrically heated pads. You can buy circular, square, and various other shapes in a variety of colors. For those special friends with arthritis, orthopedic options are available. Outdoor models are usually raised off the ground and are a knitted product. These are waterproof and are made to keep your dog cool in summer. Beds can be found in discount, department, and pet stores. Products typically range from sizes small to double XL and can range in cost starting at 10 to upwards of 300 dollars depending on the style.