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Whether you're celebrating a birthday, going on vacation or witnessing your child's first step, a camera is a necessity to capture all those special moments in life. The camera dates back hundreds of years and has progressively become more compact and precise, giving the photographer more control of what they want to capture. When purchasing a camera, the main question to ask yourself is “what do you want to do with it?” Cameras can be classified in three groups, ranging from most basic to advanced; there is a point-and-shoot, semi-professional and finally SLR. Point-and-shoot cameras are best for people who just want something light and easy. It is great to take anywhere and often offers very basic modes, based on situation, such as party, action or night shot. The semi-professional is ideal for a person who really enjoys being behind the camera, someone who wants more pixels, longer zoom and just a bit more control without too much of a hassle. Finally the SLR, which is an acronym for single lens reflex, is meant for the truly professional photographer. The most important thing to know when you want to purchase an SLR is that if you're really committed to it, it's not just a one time purchase; it's an investment. A case, additional lenses and a spare battery and SD card are just a few of the necessary accessories which help make the quality of pictures priceless. Whether you're searching for the right camera or just the necessary camera accessory, check out www.Retale.com to find the best store for your needs.