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Cake is a sweet dessert pastry often made to specifically celebrate an event such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. The basis for the ingredients used in making a cake will vary often, whether it is for a celebration or just a regular gathering. There is a large variety of cake recipes and many of them have been passed down through generations. Often people will add fruit, either to the cake or frosting, to give it a little more of a unique taste and texture. While baking a cake used to be quite a chore, this day and age there are many tools and pre-made mixes a person can buy at the grocery store to make the whole process a breeze. With the process simplified so much, some of the more unusual cakes are cheesecakes, sponge cake and fruit cake. All of these cakes are not made with the standard flour base like a typical cake. The sponge cake is known as being the first cake that was not yeast-based, it is rather by the mixture of baking powder and beaten eggs. When they are decorated more lavishly they are referred to as a genoise cake. Many of these more complex cakes can often take more time, but all the ingredients are available at your local grocery store, and in the end are very rewarding. There are so many different possibilities for cakes. Whether you're looking for a pre-made cake, a mix, or all the fundamental ingredients to make it from scratch, find the best deals at www.retale.com.