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Children amount to roughly 25% of the US total population, with 4 million babies born on average per year. Statistics like these cement the growth and significance of the market aimed at children, ranging from American dolls to Zelda video games. There’s a dizzying spectrum of toys available for young ones, which popular retailers like Toys R Us have adopted as their specialty. For the even younger ones, stores like Babies R Us have grown in popularity as a one-stop shop for all new mothers' needs. The trend also hasn’t escaped leading national department stores such as Target, which additionally carry a wide variety of toys and baby products in their stores.

Toys & Baby - Products from newborns to teens

Whether you’re an expectant mother on the lookout for the ideal crib, baby bedding and mobile to adorn your nursery with (not to mention a stockpile of diapers), or a busy mom in search of the best car seat, high chair and stroller, there are stores across the nation that will take care of all your needs. They even have an an assortment of Baby Einstein and Fisher-Price learning toys to show your child a world of wonder. As children grow older, the selection only grows with them, from Lego kits and Spongebob Krusty Krab play sets to Marvel action figures and Playstation video games. Mothers and children alike can happily shop (or at least strike a compromise) at one of the leading toy stores in their area, though it won't stop in the toy section. Those with a flair for fashion can browse the clothing section of toy and baby stores to find the cutest outfits, with brands like OshKosh B’gosh, Carter’s, Disney, and so much more. Apparel and accessories options abound for infants and children, from sleepwear to outerwear, adorned with timeless, beloved children's characters like Barney, Clifford, and Hello Kitty. The wide variety available to the youth of today is enough to make any level-headed adult a bit envious.

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