5 Father’s Day Gifts Guaranteed To Win You ‘Favorite’ Status Forever

Americans will spend a record $14.3 billion on gifts and experiences this year.

Although he’d probably be happy with a handmade card and a cold craft brew, this year we’ll be spending money on dads like never before, according to the National Retail Federation. The NRF’s annual Father’s Day survey found that consumers will treat dads to a record-breaking $14.3 billion in gifts and experiences this year. (Though still significantly less than what we spent on moms in May–$21.4 billion!)

So what are we buying dad-type people this year? According to the NRF, of those celebrating (that’s 77% of Americans), almost 40% will head to department stores to buy gifts. And aside from brunches and outings, we’ll mostly be spending money on clothes.

So, ties?

We here at Retale know you can do better, gentle reader, so we compiled this list of our top picks for every type of dad…


For the armchair adventurist dad: 

Gear VR Headset $99.99 (Target)


The only thing dad hates more than getting out of his chair is when someone else steals it without knowing that that’s his chair. With a virtual reality headset, he can fight a stegosaurus in 3D without ever leaving the Lazy Boy.


For the music-loving hipster dad: 

Crosley Rochester 5 in 1 Entertainment Center $119.99 (Target)

Because your dad isn’t parting with his CCW record collection for anything (not to mention those mixtapes from your mom), the Crosley Rochester 5 in 1 Entertainment Center lets him rock out to music mediums from the last five decades.  Later, boombox!


For the carnivorous multitasking dad: 

Maverick Redi-Chek Deluxe Single-Probe Remote Meat Thermometer $39.99 (Best Buy)

Best Buy
Dad can be in the house yelling at the ball game on TV while the meat smokes outside. This thermometer has a range of 30 yards—perfect for the multitasking chef who hates burning a good steak.


For the stat-obsessed dad: 

Fitbit Blaze $199.99 (Target)

fitbitblaze 2

Even if your dad hates working out, there’s a pretty good chance he loves statistics of all kinds. Get him back into shape with a sleek, yet oh-so-informative Fitbit.   Pro tip: When you buy it this week at Target, you get a $20 target gift card!


For all dads:

Mancrates $19.99 to $179.99  (www.mancrates.com)


So your dad’s not so into gadgets, but he still appreciates the finer things in life. Dads of interests and appreciations of all kinds will be delighted by a cleverly curated Man Crate. Man Crate is the modern, manlier answer to the outdated gift basket.  Whether it’s a “Sir Mix-A-Lot Cocktail Crate” for the mixologist, or a “Bass Whisperer Crate” for the angler on your list–you’re sure to find a unique crate for whomever you’re gifting. (The creative names alone are worth a browse.)


How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year? Share in the comments.