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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a nationwide retailer of urban fashion and lifestyle accessories for men and women. The company is located in 41 states and usually has three departments inside stores; one for men, another for women, and a home accessories department. The brand is known for having hip, vintage, and modern styles of merchandise. Men can find products like shirts, pants, shoes and outerwear. In the women's department, products include dresses, outerwear, tops, loungewear, and swimwear. Accessories that are available for men and women include jewelry, headwear, scarves, shoes, bags, and watches. Men and women collections are available in stores and provide customers with the latest trends, such as vintage, brands, and festival. Urban Outfitters has a complete collection of home accessories and decorations that include lighting, bedding, books, kitchen accessories and a vintage decoration collection.

Urban Outfitters - Vintage is present

Urban Outfitters was founded in 1970 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Richard Hayne. He wanted to focus the company on "funky" apparel and home accessories. The first stores included second hand clothing, candles, indian fabrics, and ethnic jewelry. The store was an immediate success and the company started expanding across the United States. Stores kept a "counterculture" atmosphere and started offering new clothes and more home products. The company was incorporated in 1980 and now has four sister brands; Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, and BHLDN. oday, Urban Outfitters has 157 stores in 41 states and employs 17,000 team members.

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