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The RoomPlace

The RoomPlace

The RoomPlace is a family owned furniture chain based in Lombard, Illinois. They sell a broad range of home furniture and accessories ranging from items for the living room such as sofas, wall units and lighting to those for dining such as tables and chairs. Products are divided into categories such as bedroom, kids and entertainment to make the customers' shopping experience easier to navigate. They appreciate that all customers will have a slightly different style and so help them with their purchases by further dividing their goods into style categories such as traditional and modern. The showrooms are arranged and coordinated to mimic real homes to give the customer an idea of how to arrange their furniture. Certain items are also sold in matching collections - such as beds with chests, dressers and night stands or sofas with a chase lounge. They maintain a balance between quality and price making them a favored choice for customers who are on a budget but appreciate a little luxury in their homes.

The RoomPlace - Furniture for your home

The RoomPlace was founded by Sam Berman who entered the industry in 1912 selling furniture door to door. He continued to open a store under the name Harlem Furniture which he ran until 1985, when the company began its expansion and the name was changed shortly after. The new entity was named The RoomPlace, to fit the brands success in room packaging. As The RoomPlace, the company has continued to expand and now has over 650 employees and over 20 stores in Illinois and Indiana.

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