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The Fresh Grocer

The Fresh Grocer

The Fresh Grocer is a small grocery chain in the Tri-State area. It sells fresh perishable goods at fair prices, priding itself in providing the freshest and most sought-after food selection which is adapted to suit the needs of each individual community. Products on offer include a variety of meat, fruit and vegetables as well as toiletries and homeware. Items are sorted in typical grocery store categories such as dairy, household products and ready-made meals. In addition to a variety of national brands, The Fresh Grocer also stocks their own private label, which is popular on account of its price and quality. Staff are always on hand on the shop floor to help shoppers out with any problems or questions they might have.

The Fresh Grocer - Where fresh means fresh

The Fresh Grocer began in 1996 with Pat Burns, who got his first taste of the grocery world at the age of 14 as a Philadelphia supermarket bagger. He worked in the restaurant and catering industry before opening his first shop. Today, the chain has seven stores across the Tri-State area. The stores pride themselves in their responsiveness to the demands of the communities they serve. In the summer of 2013, the company was acquired by the NJ-based Wakefern Food Cooperation but it still upholds the importance of freshness and putting quality over quantity, just like it has from the beginning.

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