The Food Emporium - Produce and frozen foods

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The Food Emporium

The Food Emporium

The Food Emporium sells a large assortment of products including groceries and products for the home. A beverage section carries fruit juices, bottled coffee drinks and soda. Frozen foods like pizza, ice cream and french fries are available in the frozen section. Cleaning supplies like paper towels, glass cleaner and scrub brushes are sold in the household maintenance aisle. Baby food, diapers and baby wipes are sold in the infant care section. There is a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available in the produce section. A bakery offers custom cakes, pies and cupcakes, as well as freshly baked breads. The health and beauty aisle carries first aid supplies, personal hygiene products and cosmetics. The retailer carries a variety of products for people with alternative dietary needs, including gluten free, vegan and kosher food selections.

The Food Emporium - From dairy to nationwide grocer

The Food Emporium was founded in 1919 by Louis Daitch in New York, originally as a dairy, selling butter and eggs. The company became publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange after the second World War, and had grown to 34 store locations by the mid 1950s. In 1962, the retailer had an impressive 102 stores, and adopted its current brand name in 1979. The retailer was acquired by A&P in 1986 for $64 million. The company employs 4,000 people across its 17 locations and the company earned over $700 million at the start of 2000.

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