Talbots - Classic women's apparel

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Talbots is a nationwide retailer and direct marketer of women's clothing, and is located in 45 states. The company focuses on classic women's clothing, accessories, and shoes. Customers can find a variety of different sizes in stores from tall to petite to plus size. Products offered include women's classic tops, denim, pants, swimwear, dresses and outerwear. Suits can also be found in stores, or women can buy the blazer and pants, or skirts separately. Accessories offered by Talbots include ponchos, belts, handbags, jewelry and more. There is a wide variety of shoes to choose from, including flats, heels and sandals. With a wide ranging product line of women's classics, the company offers timeless wardrobe essentials that will fit any size.

Talbots - An East Coast classic

Talbots was founded in 1947 in Hingham, Massachusetts by Nancy and Rudolph Talbot. This husband and wife team became known for offering classic women's clothing with good color, friendly service, and precise tailoring. In 1948, Nancy and Rudolph started their direct mail strategy and sent 3,000 flyers out to random contacts they found from the New Yorker Magazine. The company gained popularity and had five stores in the upscale outskits of Boston. Over the years, Talbots was bought and sold by various investors and retail companies. Today, the company is owned by Sycamore Partners and operates 504 stores in 45 states and employs over 9,000 associates. In 2011 the company reported net sales of $1.2 billion.

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