TOPS - Neighborhood supermarket

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TOPS is an American supermarket chain located on the east coast, specifically in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. Stores are typically considered as the "neighborhood grocer" because they cater to the local needs and customize their selection of grocery and other products to fit the communities they serve. TOPS markets are separated into different departments to provide the customer with an easy shopping experience. These departments include produce, beverage, meat and seafood, dairy, bakery, and more. Customers can also find a deli in store locations, with pre-made food to take away like fried chicken, sandwiches, and various dinner plates that just need to be warmed up for the family. Other services available make TOPS a one-stop shop for consumers. A pharmacy is available for those who need to fill prescriptions, or if they have questions regarding over-the-counter medicine. Other services include gas stations, floral selections, cooking school, and Redbox for $1 movie rentals. The supermarket even has a kids' playhouse for children who would like to play while their parents are shopping. Look for great deals at your local TOPS Market!

TOPS - A supermarket with Italian roots

TOPS was founded in the early 1920s in Niagara Falls, New York by Ferrante Castellani, an Italian immigrant from outside of Rome. Originally known as the Great Bear Market, the supermarket chain did not change its name to TOPS until 1962; by then, the company had 7 stores through partnerships and focused on the community needs where their stores were located. The company continued to expand and by the 1980s, it already had 65 stores. Today, from great success through sales, acquisition and expansion, TOPS Markets has over 150 locations, employing over 15,000 workers with annual sales of over $2 billion.

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