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Super 1 Foods

Super 1 Foods

Super 1 Foods is a grocery retail chain that operates in the southern states of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana and is a division of the Brookshire Grocery Company. Stores are committed to providing fresh items and discounted prices to their customers. Locations offer select non-advertised items and discount them, as well as provide certain items weekly on the "Wall of Values." This is an area located near the entrance that features quality products on pallets to save on labor, which saves operating costs and benefits the customer by having to pay less. These two ways help shoppers save on grocery items in stores. Super 1 Foods provides customers with an easy shopping experience by having different departments like produce, meat, dairy, seafood, dry foods, and more. Organic products can be found, which offer no artificial ingredients and preservatives. There is also a beverage department stocked with soda, juice, water, and alcohol. For the convenience of the customer stores include a bakery and deli section for fresh food to take away daily. Stores also include a pharmacy where shoppers can fill prescriptions and take advantage of free antibiotics.

Super 1 Foods - A division of Brookshire Grocery

Super 1 Foods is a regional food chain that is located in 3 states and operates as a division of the Brookshire Grocery Company. Stores are included in Brookshires regional chains of over 150 stores in the southern United States. Super 1 Foods has over 30 stores in this area, and contributes to Brookshires annual revenue of over 2 billion dollars.

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