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Smith's Food and Drug

Smith's Food and Drug

Smith's Food and Drug is a supermarket chain in the western and southwestern region of the United States and is owned by Kroger. The company applies the one-stop shop technique by combining a supermarket with a pharmacy. Store locations are divided into different departments. Typically stores have a bakery, dairy, produce, and a meat and seafood department. Customers can also browse through home products such as house cleaners, pet food, and cookware. A floral section is available with seasonal flowers to bring home for a special someone, or just to decorate. The pharmacy inside stores provides customers to fill their doctor's prescriptions, along with a variety of over the counter medicine that can help cure the common cold and allergies. A wide variety of beverages are also available in stores, ranging from juices and sodas to adult beverages.

Smith's Food and Drug - A beginning in Utah

Smith's Food and Drug was founded in 1932 in Brigham City, Utah by Lorenzo Smith. The company expanded over the years due to an expansion campaign, where the business acquired companies in the area to take out competition and to utilize the supply chain. By 1957, Smith's Food and Drug sales had quadrupled. The business saw that having a diversified business under one roof would be successful, so the company started acquiring food, and non-food businesses. The company continued to grow into the 90s, through partnerships and acquisitions to become a one-stop shop. In 1997, the business was bought by Fred Meyer, and then in 1999, Kroger acquired Fred Meyer, and Smith's Food and Drug along with it. Today the company has over 130 stores in the west and southewest region of the U.S. and helps contribute to Kroger's $90 billion a year revenue.

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