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Smart & Final

Smart & Final is a chain of warehouse-sized food and supply stores located in the Western United States. The stores provide customers, both individuals and businesses, with great savings and deals on a variety of food products and supplies for entertaining and cooking. Restaurant chefs, managers, and cooks shop there to get good prices on items in bulk, and households can do the same to provide their families with restaurant quality products. Certain stores, called Smart & Final Extra!, give shoppers even more product choices, including a bigger selection of produce, meat, and dairy. There is also an adult beverage section with a large variety of both domestic and imported wines and spirits. A candy shop offers a wide array of sweets, including chocolate, licorice, hard candy and gum. At these same stores, consumers can find baby food and health products. Unlike other wholesalers, the chain does not charge a membership fee, so the same high quality items at affordable prices are available to all shoppers. View the newest weekly ad to find the latest specials currently available at Smart & Final with Retale.

Smart & Final – Over a century of savings

Smart & Final can trace its origins to Los Angeles, California over 140 years ago, when Herman Hellman and Jacob Haas founded the Hellman-Haas Grocery Company in 1871. This first store sold supplies for the frontier and cowboys, including flour, sugar, medicine and chewing tobacco. This store would eventually evolve into the city's most important grocery store at the turn of the 20th century after Jacob Baruch bought out Hellmann. In 1953, the Haas, Baruch & Co. store would merge with Smart & Final Wholesale Grocers, founded by Jim Smart and Hildane Final in 1914. Today, the retail chain is still headquartered in Los Angeles and has over 250 locations across California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and northern Mexico, with over 7,000 employees.

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