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Sleep Train Mattress Center, sometimes referred to as simply, Sleep Train, is a mattress retailer that sells a variety of bed frames and mattresses. Popular brands of mattresses and box springs are sold, like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Serta are sold. The retailer sells movable beds, also called adjustable beds, which enable you to prop up the front of a mattress to enable comfortable sitting. The idea is to be able to read, watch TV, or work comfortably in bed without putting strain on your neck and back. A variety of these movable frames and mattresses are sold, as well as bed storage and box springs. Headboards made of wood or iron and platform beds are also sold, as well as selections of daybeds and convertible beds. Products to clean, store, and maintain your mattresses are also sold, featuring protective covers to provide barriers for bed bugs, dust mites and allergins.

Sleep Train Mattress Center - Largest Western U.S. mattress retailer

Sleep Train Mattress Center was founded in 1985 by Dale Carlsen in Sacramento, California. The company grew to 44 stores less than ten years later. In 2007, the retailer launched the "Sleep Train Charity Golf Classic", a fundraising event to help at-risk youth in the Western U.S. region. There is also a company-wide program to support nonprofit organizations in the region that provide assistance to foster children. In 2010, the company opened its ownership to an "Employee Stock Ownership Plan", and today employees control upwards of 25% of the company. At present, there are over 680 employees in over 100 locations, all based in California. The company is headquartered in Rocklin, California and Dale Carlsen remains the CEO of the company.

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