Shopko Hometown - The one-stop shop for smaller communities

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Shopko Hometown

Shopko Hometown

Shopko Hometown is one of Shopko's three main divisions, whose main aim is to serve smaller communities. Its stores are three times smaller than the regular Shopko store and carry 70% of its usual inventory, yet still includes the retail health services such as an in-store pharmacy and optical center. Hometown stores carry popular national brands across multiple categories, from apparel to consumer electronics to home furnishings, laid out in an easy-to-shop format that is optimal for smaller communities. Shopko Hometown prides itself in providing smaller towns access to high quality and differentiated merchandise, which was previously unavailable to locals. Customers can take advantage of the My Extra Savings program for additional discounts, or check out Retale for the latest ads and deals at their local Hometown store.

Shopko Hometown - Rural focus pays off

Shopko Hometown has its roots in Green Bay, WI, when pharmacist James Ruben opened his first discount store there. From the beginning, the company has had a focus on health care, becoming one of the first retailers to offer pharmacies and optical centers in-store, and an emphasis on smaller communities, during a time when major department and discount stores were located in and around major metropolitan areas. With these competitive advantages, Shopko grew rapidly in the following decades, including the launch of Shopko Hometown in 2010 to specifically serve smaller communities. Today, there are 180 Hometown stores, making Shopko one of America's major retailers to serve smaller communities.

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