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Shaw's Jewelers

Shaw's Jewelers

Shaw's Jewelers is an American jewelry chain which offers an up to date selection of quality products. Whatever your budget, occasion and taste, you can find the perfect piece for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one. Shaw's offer a range of products including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Diamonds are particularly popular but a variety of other precious and semi-precious stones can also be found in various assortments. You can choose between beautiful items such as a blue topaz pendant on a sterling silver chain with matching earrings or a gold ring garnished with rubies. For younger customers a fun and colorful assortment of lower priced items. Charm bracelets featuring popular characters like Hello Kitty are a great choice as a gift for children. For weddings there is a broad selection of bridal jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings for men and women which are customizable to make that special day perfect.

Shaw's Jewelers - Adorning the Midwest

First opened in 1919 in Akron, Ohio, Shaw's Jewelers is a jewelry chain with stores across Wisconsin, Maryland and Virginia. It is one of many chains operating under the Sterling Jewelers company - founded by its namesake Henry Shaw. In 1937 the company split into two businesses, Shaw-Rogers and LeRoy's from which point it has changed its name and acquired over 12 store brands and is the largest specialty fine jewelry store in the United States. In 1987 Sterling Jewelers was acquired as a subsidiary of Signet Jewelers Limited, a British company, and the largest specialty jewelry company in the world. Like most of the Sterling store brands, Shaw's supports several charitable organizations such as 'Jewelers for Children' and 'CASA'.

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