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Sears is a large department store chain that carries a wide variety of products. There are over eight different Sears subsidiaries under the company name. The company offers a wide variety of merchandise, automotive services and products, apparel and home products under different Sears affiliated stores. In company stores, customers find different departments such as home appliances, garden, electronics, clothing, and optical. Discount stores are also common, which offer reduced prices on goods. Sears offers brand name merchandise and also carries exclusive brand products that it owns, such as Craftsmen, Kenmore, and Cheryl Tiegs clothing. The company is one of the nation's largest home service provider, offering installations of bought appliances, repairs, and home cleaning.

Sears - From catalog to brick and mortar

Sears was founded in 1893 in Chicago, Illinois by Richard Sears. Originally, the company sold products in mail order catalogs. Products included watches and farming supplies. The catalogs proved to be a great success and grew to over 500 hundred pages in the early 1900s and they included sewing machines, cars, jewelry, and much more. The first brick and mortar Sears store opened in 1925 in Chicago. Like the catalog, the stores proved to be a big success and started to be established in urban and suburban areas. Over the years, the company grew by diversifying into various consumer markets, through acquisitions and joint-ventures. Today, Sears operates over 2,000 stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. In 2012, the company reported net sales at $39.9 billion.

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