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Ralphs is a large regional grocery store located in California. Stores have different departments to suit the needs of customers buying groceries. The company also offers bank and pharmaceutical services. With the combination of groceries, banking, and an operational pharmacy inside stores, Ralphs has become a one-stop shop for customers. Locations have bakery, meat and seafood, dairy, beverage, produce, and home merchandise departments. Customers can enjoy fresh baked goods at the bakery department, as well as sandwich selections. Ralphs offers a full beverage section of juices, sodas, water, and a full line of adult beverages. The company practices supporting local farmers, so there is a selection of fresh produce and seasonal, straight from farm to store produce. The home merchandise department consists of home supplies, pet food, over the counter medicines and media products. Customers also can browse through a floral section and an increasingly growing natural food section.

Ralphs - A SoCal success story

Ralphs was founded in 1873 in Los Angeles, California by George Ralphs. Ralphs is the oldest grocery store chain west of the Mississippi River. In the early years, the company was innovative with their grocery stores and had self-service strategy with cashiers at the front of the stores. The company grew as Los Angeles grew and by 1928 it had ten locations. Throughout the Great Depression, the company dealt with rising prices and added a bakery department to keep prices down for customers. By 1936, the company had 25 locations. Over the years, Ralphs grew through mergers and acquisitions. One of the largest mergers was with Food 4 Less. In 1998, Ralphs was bought by Fred Meyer Inc., who is now part of Kroger. Today, Ralphs is one of the largest regional chains in the U.S. and continues to set pace with new store styles. Currently, there are over 300 Ralphs locations and the company helps contribute to Kroger's 90 billion dollars a year business.

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