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Price Cutter

Price Cutter

Price Cutter, a local, employee owned grocer, is proud to provide the foods you come home to, whether that means meat, fish, dairy, fresh fruit and vegetables, or canned goods. As its name suggests, the chain endeavors to offer great value while still retaining top quality on items including Midwest-raised Black Angus beef, a variety of organic and locally-sourced products, sustainable floral arrangements from Lily's Floral, artisan breads and specialty cakes from their bakery, fresh ready to eat deli foods and salads, catering and party planning services, a line of Bistro To Go meals, high quality Colombian dark chocolate and pharmacies with 300 generic drugs for $3. Price Cutter Plus stores also boast a full-service Starbucks with free wireless internet access. The chain also has its own Kids' Club which features games and recipes designed to get children interested in eating healthily. Knowing there are price-conscious shoppers out there, the company offers its Always Save brand. This provides consistent quality at the best price.

Price Cutter - "Shop Smart. Live Well."

In 1919, after returning from World War One, John Ramey bought a small grocery store in Springfield, Missouri. After his neighborhood store found success, John expanded his business to eight stores but in 1939 decided to consolidate them into the area's first modern supermarket, outside of the town. The business had a couple of owners between 1946 and 2005, when an Employee Stock Ownership Plan became effective. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan acquired 100% of the company's stock, allowing staff to share in both the risks and rewards of capital ownership and giving them a vested interest in the growth and success of the company. Today, Price Cutter's parent company, RPCS, Inc., operates 47 retail grocery stores. The company is also active in the community and sponsors a wide range of charities and sports teams and events, including the Springfield Cardinals and the American Cancer Society Southwest Missouri Cattle Baron's Ball.

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