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Picture People

Picture People

Picture People is a chain of portrait studios based in Plano, TX. With a focus on creating memories, it offers a wide range of portrait services that can be printed on various media - from top notch canvas to photo cards - and even a selection of frames to complement your photos. The store also sells photo packages suitable for diverse needs and price points - whether it’s a individual portrait sheet or a premium package. For the digitally inclined, Picture People sells CDs in both high and low resolutions. You can also choose to print your photos on an assortment of custom merchandise like coffee mugs, iPhone covers, designer bags and porcelain ornaments. With its trained staff of photographers, comfortable setting and creative backdrops, make some memories, starting with a stop at Picture People.

Picture People - A passion for portraits

Initially named Expressly Portraits, Picture People was founded as a specialty portrait studio in 1987. With a belief that every individual and family is deserving of a unique way to remember meaningful moments, the company made its services very accessible, with branches typically located in local malls. In 1999, the company was purchased by the greeting card giant Hallmark as an effort to diversify its product line, but was later sold to Plainfield Asset Management Co. in 2005 after the company deemed the acquisition didn’t fit its long term strategy. Almost three decades later, Picture People still holds true to its mission and continues to operate 150 studios in almost 30 states across the United States.

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