Pavilions - Specialty groceries

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Pavilions is a speciality food store located in southern California and is a grocery store banner from Vons, and a division of Safeway Inc. The stores are similar to Vons, but are typically larger and have more upscale products, with larger organic food and wine sections. An operational pharmacy is offered at store locations where customers can fill doctor prescriptions. In the bakery section customers can find a full array of baked goods, and speciality sandwiches, for example a Philly cheesesteak. A full selection of organic produce is offered, along with a wide variety of natural and whole grain dry foods. Meat and seafood are available and customers can choose from different sushi rolls prepared daily. Customers can browse through a full line of dairy products and speciality cheeses. Pavilions also carries speciality foods from all over the world, like meats, cheeses, and different kinds of sauces and dry foods.

Pavilions - Since 1986

Pavilions was formed in 1986 by Vons as a combination store that offered more upscale and speciality products. The first store was introduced in Garden Grove, California and quickly spread to other locations around southern California. Today there are over 30 Pavilions locations, and the company helps contribute to Safeway Inc.'s annual net revenue of 43.6 billion dollars.

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