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Ocean State Job Lot

Ocean State Job Lot

Ocean State Job Lot offers closeout prices on your favorite brand-name good and products, letting you get last dibs after overstocking, overrunning, and packaging changes. The New England-based discount retailer also stocks its shelves with a wide selection of other items from your favorite brand names and manufacturers including products for your home and garden, personal care and beauty, grocery items, and apparel.

To save the most at Ocean State Job Lot and to get the most out of their unique discount opportunities, you’ll want to follow their weekly flyers for immediate access to coupons, sales, and unbeatably low prices on special items. The weekly flyer is the ticket to viewing all of the products on sale at Ocean State Job Lot, where you can find current and up-to-date closeout prices. You can easily see what is currently stocked and prices without having to run to the store. An easy way to view and access the flyer is to simply download the Retale app for instant access to weekly ads, coupons, and sales.

Your Access to Closeout Prices and Last Chance Discounts

Why buy overstocked and overrun items? It’s the easiest way to save big on products you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Ocean State Job Lot sells brand name products at closeout prices and gives savvy consumers the opportunity to access products that would otherwise be discarded or donated. In addition to the everyday bargains you’ll find at Ocean State Job Lot, you can also save even more by staying on top of weekly deals and sales.

Insider Hacks and Deals at Ocean State Job Lot

“A lot more for a lot less,” is Ocean State’s motto—and it fits! When you shop at Ocean State Job Lot, you’ll save the most on everyday purchases and items, including groceries, family apparel, household goods, brand-name items, as well as out of stock items that you won’t be able to find at other local retailers. Millions of shoppers enjoy hunting for deals and finding the lowest prices on brand-name merchandise. Here are some insider hacks and additional ways to save:

• Crazy Deals: Crazy Deal bargains are a special way to save that you will only find when shopping at Ocean State Job Lot. All you need to do is purchase an eligible Crazy Deal item and you’ll get a FREE Crazy Deal Gift Card! It couldn’t be any easier to get access to a crazy deal and free gift card!

• Exclusive finds: One of the primary reasons to shop at Ocean State Job Lot is to get incredibly low prices on items that you may not be able to find anywhere else so BUY while you CAN.

• Stacking discounts: Save even more by combining already low prices with coupons and weekly specials by using the Retale app. Download the app for FREE and get immediate access to coupons, discounts, and weekly flyers from all of your favorite retailers in your area.

About Ocean State Job Lot

Ocean State Job Lot was founded in 1977 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island and operated as a single store selling brand-name, quality products at affordable prices. There are over 110 locations in New England and upstate New York. The company offers consumers the unique opportunity to access overstocked and overrun items at closeout prices. The company has also found other ways to minimize their expenses and costs, including using old retailer spaces for storefronts, offering manufacturers a marketplace for overstocked and overrun items.

The company is committed to corporate giving in its home state of Rhode Island and throughout the Northeast. Ocean State Job Lot supports the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Trinity Repertory Company, and provides ongoing donations to food banks and hospitals in the areas it serves. The company has also been known to provide assistance and relief to victims of natural disasters. At a global level, they have supported those in need in Armenia, Central American, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Louisiana, and Central America.

To raise money for food banks, cancer care at Boston Medical Center and other organizations, the Ocean Job Lot Charitable Foundation raises money by hosting the Annual Golf Charity Classic.

Why We Love Ocean State Job Lot

Did you know that Ocean State Job lot is also known as the “Home of Adventure Shopping?” What does this mean? For shoppers who love a good deal and don’t mind the mystery of finding something new every time—shopping at Ocean State Job Lot truly is an adventure. You never know what exciting products, last-minute buys, and super savings you might find. The merchandise available to you will include manufacturer overruns, overstocks, and packaging changes. Ocean State Job Lot also does an amazing job of finding special deals, discounts, and other quality brand products that you will not be able to find elsewhere. Here are a few other reasons we love Ocean State Job Lot:

• You can find deals and specials in-store, online, and with your mobile phone using the Retale app. Download for free and get 24/7 access to weekly ads, deals, and coupons.

• Everyone is so nice and helpful! Ocean State Job Lot knows good value and is vested in its employees and associates. They are always available to help and answer questions when you need it.

• Go-Green! You can also trust that Ocean State Job Lot places significant emphasis on sustainability by offering paper-free access to their flyers and by leasing their buildings inside of previously owned supermarkets and retail stores rather than investing in new construction.

• Buy-Give-Get! • This amazing program lets you give directly to the homeless in your communities. If you buy a specific product and get a Crazy Deal Gift Card, you’ll also know that you’re giving back as a donation.

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