Nob Hill Foods - Dried goods and household items

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Nob Hill Foods

Nob Hill Foods

Nob Hill Foods features locally grown produce that varies by season in its produce department. There is a bakery where you can find bagels, muffins and loaves of bread. The beauty aisle carries many different cosmetics brands, including Maybelline, L'Oreal and Neutrogena. The meat and seafood counter offers fresh cuts of pork, fish, beef and chicken, and offers both a knife sharpening service and a marinade and rub service, where you can leave kitchen knives to be sharpened or get any meat or fish prepared with a marinade or rub while you wait. Party trays, rotisserie chickens and custom cakes are available through the retailer's catering service. The photo center allows customers to get their film developed or have digital photos printed. A wide variety of canned, prepared and frozen foods are also available.

Nob Hill Foods - California grocers

Nob Hill Foods is part of the Raley's Supermarkets chain, which is privately held and owned by the Raley and Teel families. The company was initially founded in 1934 in San Martin, California by John Bonfante. By 1978, the retailer had ten different store locations, and by the 1980s, they had added many of the amenities and services that remain part of the brand today, including seafood, deli and bakeries. There are 22 locations under the Nob Hill Foods banner, and the retailer employs as many as 13,000 people. The current CEO is Michael Teel, who also operates Bel Air Markets and Raley's Supermarkets.

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