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Micro Center

Micro Center

Micro Center, also known as The Computer Department Store, is an American chain specializing in computers and electronics, headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio. They sell a variety of computers for both personal and professional use, desktops for the office and laptops, net books and tablets for customers who require a more portable device. Accessories, parts and hardware are also sold such as keyboards, hard drives, speakers and sound cards. A broad range of other electronic merchandise are also stocked including digital photography items such as SLR cameras and camcorders, iPods and MP3 players and LCD and Plasma HDTVs. You can buy a range of networking devices and accessories including wireless and wired routers, cables and modems. Anti virus, publishing and music recording are just a few examples of the software sold here. Gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii are also on sale. Customers can choose from an extensive selection of brands including Apple, Microsoft, Dell and Toshiba. They offer a repair service and it is also possible to purchase refurbished, second hand goods at reduced prices.

Micro Center - Growing with technology

Micro Center was founded in 1979 in Columbus, Ohio by John Baker and Bill Bayne. two former Radio Shack employees. The first store, only 900 sq ft in size, opened in Upper Arlington, Ohio in The Lane Avenue Shopping Center. It was one of the first dealers to be authorized to sell the Apple Computer and the 16th to sell IBM. By 1984 the original store had relocated and was 44,000 sq ft. There are now 23 stores in 16 states. It is a subsidiary of Micro Electronics Inc. a privately held corporation also headquartered in Ohio. It sells a variety of its own brand products, including WinBook, PowerSpec and IPSG.

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