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MetroPCS is a mobile telecommunications provider, which utilizes the communication network of T-Mobile USA. Plans offered are for nationwide talk, text, and data. Their plans are designed to suit the user's mobile demands for their devices, which can include unlimited plan. A mix of plans can include unlimited talk and text, with data plans being 1GB, 3GB, and unlimited Data. Data services offered utilize the GSM, HSPA+, and 4G LTE network through their associated network, T-Mobile USA. They also offer family plans, which provide a small monthly discount, and give each family member the power to select a plan of their choosing. In their online shop and store fronts, they offer a variety of smartphones as well as tablets. MetroPCS differentiates itself as a pre-paid mobile service provider, meaning that there are no contractual obligations. Additionally, MetroPCS is known for offering simple services at an affordable monthly price in many locations.

MetroPCS – An Affordable Mobile Provider

Starting out under the name GWI PCS, Inc., MetroPCS became a mobile provider in the year 1995. Based out of Dallas, Texas, MetroPCS has undergone various changes since its creation. On May 1, 2013, the acquisition by T-Mobile USA introduced a new direction for the company. Since then, the company was introduced to a new mobile telecommunications network, which includes the 4G LTE network. Additionally, MetroPCS has been aggressively expanding to new markets under the T-Mobile USA – MetroPCS combination in order to offer their services to more new users at faster speeds than they did previous previously. Currently, MetroPCS is an organization consisting of about 2,150 employees.

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