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Metro Market

Metro Market

Metro Market is a grocery retailer with a variety of departments. A fresh produce section carries seasonally ripe fruits and vegetables. The meat and seafood department offers fresh cuts of chicken, beef, pork and various shellfish and fish. In the deli, a variety of specialty cheeses and ready-made foods is sold. Party platters like sandwich trays, fruit and vegetable platters and gourmet cakes and pies are sold in the bakery. There is liquor, wine and beer available in the adult beverage section. Skin care products, cosmetics and fragrances are sold in the health and beauty section. There are also frozen, dried, prepared and canned food items, as well as pet food and care products. They also have a selection of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian food items for people with alternative dietary needs.

Metro Market - Grocery needs under one roof

Metro Market is a grocery retailer and was founded in 2004 in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The retailer operates under Roundy's Supermarkets, which has over 166 stores and 99 pharmacies across Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The company is the more upscale, urban brand for the retailer group, offering higher-end products and featuring a more modern interior store design. The retailer sells a selection of group branded products, including Roundy's Select, Roundy's Organics, Clear Value and Top Care. The retailer also created keys that are on each branded product to help consumers better identify products that may be relevant to them. The keys include heart healthy, gluten free, vegan, fat free, low sodium and more.

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