Metcalfe's: Grow Local, Buy Local

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Local and organic is part of Metcalfe's specialty. The local market works to provide locally-grown foods ranging from produce to meat, beef, and poultry to meals. The Metacalfe's weekly ad displays a variety of food items for purhcase as well ad prepared food. The local market also boasts comprehensive catering options. Over 3000 local suppliers are offered through the Metcalfe's Supermarket. Keep an eye out for Metacalfe's online shopping, offerings for events, as well as their recipe ideas.

Metcalfe's: Family Owned Since 1917

The Metcalfe's Market was officially founded in 1917 by Henry and Teresa Hess -- the great-grandparents of the current owners Tim & Kevin Metcalfe. The legacy began in Butler, Wisconsin on North 124th Street -- a suburb of Milwaukee. The company originally helped inspire a co-op grocery space in some of their property, which supported a local movement. This movement aimed to inspire collective buying power to obtain lower prices on grocery items.

In 1937, Henry Hess sold the store to his son-in-law Vern Metcalfe, who introduced a new angle to the business along with his Wife Mary: they started grocery delivery. Since then, the company has realized expansion, while keeping the business within the family. Fun fact: the company became 100% green powered in 2008, effectively offsetting 100% of its emission of CO2.

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