Market Basket - a modern supermarket chain with deli-counters and fresh sushi made daily

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Market Basket

Market Basket

At their 71 stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Market Basket offer everything you might expect from a supermarket, such as meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, quality seafood, packaged goods and more. They have also continued to add to this offering. The company recently began adding Market's Kitchen to some existing stores and the majority of new stores. Market's Kitchen is a deli-style service with fresh, custom-made hot and cold subs, paninis, pizzas, rotisserie and fried chicken, salads and prepared meals. Many of the newer stores feature a dedicated seafood department with fresh sushi made daily. In addition, there is a wide range of deli and sushi platters available to help you entertain at any occasion. Market Basket tends not to have in-store pharmacies but in many of their locations pharmacy chains can be found in adjacent shopping plazas. Whatever you are buying, the company aims to help you get even more for you dollar.

Market Basket - Get even more for your dollar!

Market Basket's history begins in 1916 with a store opened by Greek immigrants Athanasios (“Arthur) and Efrosini Demoulas. The original store, in Lowell, Massachusetts, specialised in lamb. In the 1950s, two of the Demoulas' children, Telemachus (“Mike”) and George, bought the store from their parents and developed it from its “mom and pop” origins into a modern supermarket chain – within 15 years of making the purchase, they owned 15 stores. Today, there are 71 stores and in the last five years, four or five new stores have opened each year. Although the chain started as Demoulas, all of its stores now operate under the Market Basket name. The last Demoulas store, in Salem, New Hampshire, changed its name in Spring 2010. Market Basket stores are often located in malls, many of which are owned by the company's real-estate arm, Retail Management and Development, Inc.

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