Marc's - Discount drugstore and grocery chain

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Marc’s is a discount drugstore and grocery chain headquartered in Middleburg Heights, OH. That also happens to be the same town where its very first store was opened. Named after its founder, Marc’s philosophy has always been to provide deep discounts, a highly appealing mission to value-conscious consumers. Each store includes staple departments like Health & Beauty, Household, Fresh Meat, Fresh Produce and Cold Cut Counter, offering name brand products in each category. Arguably the most popular department, however, is its Closeouts section. There, deeply-discounted items from a broad range of categories have been known to disappear very quickly. In addition to its grocery section, stores also include a pharmacy which, not only fills prescriptions, but offers a wide range of health services. Customers can also benefit from other in-store services such as money orders, postage stamps and prepaid phone-cards, as well as the option to pay by check - a payment method that approved customers can (still) enjoy!

Marc's - Born and bred in Ohio

Marc's has remained a true locally-owned Ohio business that has kept local customers happy - and thrifty - for decades. Former manager of a mega-discount drugstore Marc Glassman founded Marc’s in 1979 when he opened his first drugstore in Middleburg Heights, OH. Since then, he has kept the focus on deep discounts strong, with a much lower mark-up on items compared to his competitors, as well as a Closeouts section that has had locals always and frequently coming back for more. His successful discount chain has expanded to other Ohio cities like Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus and Youngstown. Today, Marc’s is still owned and operated in Northeast OH, numbering at 60 stores, in addition to 4 Xpect Discounts stores in CT.

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