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Lidl is a leading discount supermarket chain originating from Germany with over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States. Lidl opened its first 10 stores in the US in June 2017 and plans to open 100 stores by the end of summer 2018. The supermarket is well-known for selling high quality products at very competitive prices. Lidl offers a wide range of grocery items and household goods with a smaller clothes and electronics section. Customers can buy fresh fruit, vegetables baked goods as well as an assortment of frozen products. With such a wide variety of everyday items, it’s not only possible for customers to do their entire weekly shop here, they can also grab great deals on other items like furniture and TVs. Lidl’s ability to offer such a great range of high quality products at heavily discounted prices has earned them global success. Take a look at the weekly ads from Lidl for even more savings.

Lidl – A Success Story of Low Prices

The history of Lidl dates back to 1930 when Josef Schwarz partnered with a fruit wholesaler called Südfrüchte Grosshandel Lidl & Co. Schwartz developed the company in to a general food wholesaler but the company was destroyed in the war in 1944. Josef’s son- Dieter Schwarz took control of the company and he began focusing on discount stores, large supermarkets and wholesale stores. The first Lidl discount store opened in 1973 and in the next 4 years opened a further 30 stores. Lidl stores have grown consistently across Europe ever since, and in 2015 the company announced further expansion in to the United States. The first stores to open in the US were throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and future stores are projected to cover East Coast states between Pennsylvania and Georgia and potentially as west as Ohio.

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