KTA Super Stores - Groceries and dried goods

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KTA Super Stores

KTA Super Stores

KTA Super Stores is a grocery store chain based in Hawaii. They sell a variety of seasonally ripe fruits and vegetables in their fresh produce department. There is a butcher where cuts of meats and local seafood is sold. Party platters like fruit and cheese trays are also sold. The household items section carries cleaning supplies and food storage, like plastic wrap, Tupperware and aluminum foil. Baking supplies like pie filling, frosting and cake mixes are available in the baking aisle. There is an adult beverage section selling beer and wine. They also carry a variety of beauty and health products, from toothpaste and shampoo to nail polish and deodorant. Dried goods, canned foods and prepared foods are also sold, and there is a frozen food section featuring TV dinners and frozen pizza. Beverages like soda, juice and milk is also available.

KTA Super Stores - Family owned and operated for over 90 years

KTA Super Stores is a family owned and operated chain of grocery stores in Hawaii. The company was launched in 1916 by Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi. There are now six locations across the island of Hawaii; the original store location was destroyed by a 1946 tsunami, but had three new stores in the 1950s alone. Today, there are over 800 employees across all locations. In 1994, the "Mountain Apple Brand" was launched as a private label to encourage people to buy products that were produced exclusively in Hawaii. In 2000, the retailer launched "Living in Paradise", a television show that documents the news and projects of the island's communities. The company implemented a Single-Use bag fee to discourage non reusable bags.

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