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Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy is a nationwide retail store specializing in mens apparel, shoes and luggage. The brand also has a womens line of clothing that is more limited to shoes, jackets, and handbags. Typically, the style and market for Johnston & Murphy are professional men and women, looking for a wide range of work related attire and upper class lounge wear. The product line for men includes shoes, shirts, sweaters, and pants. Shoes consist of the largest range of product, and the company prides themselves, in that they are one of only four dress shoes manufacturers still to produce in the United States. With that said, Johnston & Murphy's wide shoe collection varies from the classic oxfords, dress shoes, to driving shoes. Luggage products and accessories are also a large part of the business.

Johnston & Murphy - A handsome history

Johnston & Murphy's history started in the United States in 1850 in Newark, New Jersey by William J. Dudley. William Dudley originally founded the company as a shoe company making quality workers shoes. The company quickly grew and in 1880, James Johnston joined Dudley as his partner and wanted to grow the product line. When Dudley died in 1881 Johnston took over the company and renamed the brand The James Johnston Company. Shortly after, in 1884, William Murphy joined the company, and Johnston & Murphy was founded. Retail stores started opening accros the United States in 1951, mostly in malls, and specialty stores. In 2008, the company introduced a line of product for women. Today, Johnston & Murphy has 160 locations and net sales of 166 million dollars in 2010.

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