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JayC Food

JayC Food

Jay C Food is a supermarket chain based in Indiana that sells a variety of products, including baby food, frozen foods, and pet foods. The health and beauty department offers fragrances, cosmetics and selections of Fred Meyer jewelry. Books and movies are available in the media section; the company posts reviews and discounts on select books as a part of their "Book of the Month" club. The 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa card is sold here, which is a credit card that, when used, accrues reward points redeemable at the retailer. There is a photo center to print your digital or 35 mm photos and to customize various merchandise with photos of your choice. There is a bakery that sells cakes and other desserts, along with a deli that supplies party platters for entertaining. The floral section has a variety of arrangements for special occasions, holidays and birthdays.

Jay C Food - Groceries since 1862

Jay C Food is a grocery retail chain that was founded in southern Indiana by Jonathan Groub in 1862. The first store was opened in Seymour, Indiana and grew quickly. The revenue exceeded $80,000 by 1885, following first the expansion of the original store and the addition of a wholesale section. When Groub passed away in 1888, ownership of the company was passed down to his son, Theodore, who later passed down leadership of the company to his two sons, Thomas and John. In the 1940s, the retailer reached 44 store locations. Today there are 31 locations in the Indiana area, and the company headquarters remains in Seymour.

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