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J.B. Robinson Jewelers

J.B. Robinson Jewelers

J.B. Robinson is a jewelry chain in the United States that operates under the Sterling Jewelers brand. The company sells a full range of jewelry for both women and men, whether it be for a special night out or for the everyday dress, customers will find the right piece. Stores sell rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms and watches with a variety of different styles for each product category. Items can range from a simple band to a more luxurious look with multiple gems and stones, such as diamonds and blue topaz. Customers can find bands with different precious metals like sterling silver, gold, white gold, titanium, and more. J.B. Robinson has a great selection of engagement and wedding rings, so couples can find the perfect fit for their special moments. The company carries brands that customers know and love, like Leo Diamonds, Open Hearts, and Neil Lane. If an item is broken, customers can come in and utilize the professional jewelry repair services.

J.B. Robinson Jewelers - Success from diamonds

J.B. Robinson Jewelry was founded in 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio by Joseph B. Robinson, under the name J. B. Robinson CO., INC and sold diamonds at wholesale prices. In 1959, when J.B. died, his son Lawrence took over his business and expanded the business to include other products. Sixteen years later, the company had 18 stores and 240 employees. Since J.B. Robinson was so successful, over the next years it was acquired by other companies to expand operations, until it settled in Kay Jewelers Inc. in 1987, where it remains today as part of the Sterling Jewelers Group.

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