IGA - A worldwide supermarket network

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IGA, short for Independent Grocers Alliance, is a worldwide network of supermarkets headquartered in Chicago, IL. Its operations are unique: the company is owned by 35 worldwide distribution companies, yet each store is independently owned. It serves smaller communities, where customers can find traditional departments like produce, deli, household items are more. In addition to carrying trusted brands like Coca Cola, P&G, Kraft and Nestle to name a few, IGA also maintains its own exclusive brand, from which customers can find pantry staples like sugar, pasta, oil, flour, among many others. IGA provides other services to improve the customer experience, such as a tool to create shopping lists and programs like the Hometown Healthy Challenge to promote health and wellness. With its “Hometown Proud” slogan, IGA ensures that customers enjoy a familiar, warm welcome and great service in every store.

IGA - Making hometowns proud

Despite its worldwide operations, IGA has its roots still firmly planted in the US. It was founded in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1926 when a group of 100 independent grocers banded together amidst growing competition from chain retailers. This concept of a singular marketing concept proved popular among other local retailers that by the end of the year, IGA had amassed 150 members. By the next year, IGA rolled out its first product and by 1929, the brand had more than 1,500 stores across 36 states. Not until 1951 did the concept launch overseas - in Canada - followed by China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia. Today, IGA has more than 4,000 stores in 30 countries and still hasn’t lost its family spirit, providing a common logistical network, training programs and the distribution of its store-brand products across its stores.

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