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Hot Topic

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a national retail chain, mostly located inside malls or in strip malls, that offers a wide variety of music and pop culture clothing and accessories. Stores sell apparel for both men and women that include shirts, dresses, underwear, denim, and outerwear. Accessories available include earrings, jewelry, makeup, hair dye and more. The clothing that is sold inside stores is related to music and pop culture. The company sells band, movie and TV and independent artist apparel licensed through certain artists or companies. The apparel offered consists of bands and pop culture such as The Doors, Black Sabbath, Star Wars, Sons of Anarchy, Nickelodeon cartoons and more. Hot Topic also sells CDs, DVDs and vinyls licensed by the artists. The company provides a unique shopping experience, where its customers can feel the passion for music and pop culture in store locations.

Hot Topic - Rocking the apparel world

Hot Topic was founded in 1988 in Montclair, California by Orv Madden. Madden founded the store as a niche market, because malls were filled with retail apparel stores, but none offered music inspired items. By 1990 the store was becoming well known and introduced band apparel. This made the company a huge success because customers now had a place to find and wear their favorite band apparel. Through this success, the store started offering movie, TV, underground cartoon, and pop icon apparel to its customers. By 1996, there were over 60 store locations and the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange, which helped fuel growth. Today, Hot Topic has 618 store locations across the nation, and in 2012 reported a net revenue of $742 million.

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