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Health Mart

Health Mart

Health Mart are individually owned stores. Products are different from store to store. The company decides what products are available in stores based on consumer buying behavior. Typically, stores carry prescription and over the counter drugs, vitamins, and first aid products. Pharmacies at Health Mart provide customers with their prescription medicines. They are run by professional pharmacists, that will fill doctor prescriptions or inform you about over the counter medicines that will help cure common colds and allergies. Over the counter medicines are sold in store locations, including brand names and Health Mart's generic medicines. An array of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Fish Oil can also be found at select locations. Health Mart offers first aid products such as bandages and creams. In certain locations, canes and walking assistance products are available.

Health Mart - Fast growing independent pharmacy

Health Mart is an independent entity owned by McKesson Corporation. The focus is to ultimately help local pharmacies by providing advertising and continuous product. They are owned by local pharmacy owners. McKesson was founded in 1833 and provides whole sale pharmaceuticals and health technology equipment to stores, such as Health Mart. With McKesson's help, Health Mart has over 2,500 locations in all 50 states. The company continues to grow, as health care products and pharmacies are needed in local areas more and more.

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