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HEB is a supermarket chain that is located and operates in Texas. The company also operates Central Market and HEB Plus stores. The supermarket is divided into different departments consisting of bakery, beauty and personal care, produce, meat and seafood, and beverage departments. Baked goods from cookies to breads are available in the bakery section, along with a deli where customers can find items like sandwiches. Customers can find an array of beauty, make-up, and hygiene products in the beauty and personal care section of stores. HEB stores offer a wide selection of produce, meat and seafood products that will fit anyone's taste. Stores also provide customers with a wide range of beverages including alcohol and wine. In stores customers can also take advantage of a fully operational pharmacy to fill doctor's prescriptions. Over the counter medicine is available, along with other home products like cleaners and pet food.

HEB - A Texan history

HEB was founded in 1905 in Kerrville, Texas by Florence Butt. In 1920, her son, Howard E. Butt, took the company over, and by 1927 opened two stores, one in Del Rio, Texas and the other in Laredo, Texas. The company continued to expand and in the 1940s, stores started including air conditioning and frozen food aisles. In the 1950s, HEB became a supermarket and started operating seafood, pharmacy, and butcher departments in stores. Over the years, the company continued to grow and diversify by opening Central Market, which carries fine meats and cheeses from around the world, and HEB Plus stores which carry entertainment, party supplies, and gardening products. Today the company operates over 300 stores in Texas and Northern Mexico and in 2011 had a net revenue at 15.6 billion dollars.

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